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1. After the foam (泡沫材料) incident, NASA told the public that __________.
A. there was no danger to the mission.
B. there was a little danger to the mission.
C. they knew nothing about the incident.
D. the lifting off was perfect.

2. Why was the crew relatively inexperience?
A. All of the space crew members have flown into space.
B. None of the crew members have flown into space.
C. Four of the crew members have never flown into space.
D. Four of the crew members have flown into space.

3. Which statement is not true?
A. The U.S.'s space shuttle program lasts 22 years.
B. Columbia is the oldest space shuttle.
C. This is the 28th flight for Columbia.
D. In the 22 years, space shuttles have completed 130 flights.

4. How many scientific research experiments have the crew completed?
A. More than 18.     B. More than 80.     C. Almost 18.     D. Almost 80.

5. The scheduled landing time is __________.
9:16, in the morning, February 1.               B. 9:16, in the evening. February 1.
C. 9:16 a.m. January 16.                                D. 9:16 p.m. January 16.


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