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         More kinds of animals live in tropical forests than any other habitat (生活环境,栖息地). Scientists estimate(估计)that perhaps as many as 30,000,000 species of tropical animals have not even been discovered.

      Insects make up of the largest single group of animals that  live in tropical forests. They include brightly colored butterflies, mosquitoes, spiders,
...stick insects, and a huge colony
(群体)of ants. Many tropical birds , such as quetzals, (绿咬鹃)and parrots, are spectacularly (壮丽, 引人注目)colored.

      The block of leaves of the trees in tropical forest form a thick overhead covering called a canopy (天篷,遮篷). The canopies block nearly all sunlight from reaching the forest floor. Many animals live in the canopies of the tropical forests. They include tree frogs, flying dragons, spider monkeys, ......, gibbons (长臂猿), orangutans (猩猩), sloths (懒猴), loris (懒猴), ......, bats, wasps (黄蜂), beetles (甲虫), and leave- cutting ants.

      Jaguars (美洲虎)and tapirs (貘) live on the ground in the tropical forest. Chimpanzees (黑猩猩)and lowland gorillas(大猩猩) alternate (交替, 轮流) between the ground and the trees. Crocodiles and fish and tortoises in habit of rivers and ponds.

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