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(1) piranha is not much of a threat(威胁) to a swimming animal, but a
school (鱼群) of piranhas. Each fish (3) razor(剃刀)-sharp (锋利) teeth.  They can quickly (4) their victim (牺牲品)

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A single piranha is not much of a threat(威胁)to a swimming animal, but a hungry school(鱼群)of piranhas. Each fish arms with razor(剃刀)-sharp(锋利)teeth.  They can quickly make their victim(牺牲品)disappear.

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Teeth Like Razors  

Piranhas have razor(剃刀)-sharp, triangular (三角形) teeth that
lock together like the teeth on the gears
(齿轮) of a  clock when
the fish bites.  The piranha can rush up to its prey
(usually another
fish), neatly slice(切)off a mouthful of flesh or fin
(鳍,鱼翅), and then dash (猛冲) away before its victim knows 
what's happened!



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