Young  Abe (1) Abraham  Lincoln


               Abe's Childhood

Lincoln was born on an American frontier in a log cabin in Kentucky.  At seven years old Abe moved to Indiana with his family, bears and other animals roamed the forests.

As in Kentucky a log cabin provided shelter for the Lincolns in Indiana.  Log cabins sheltered many Americans at that time and did not signify property.  His family was as comfortable as most of their neighbors, and Abe was well fed and clothed.

Abe's mother died in 1818, when he was nine.   A year later, his father married Sara Bush Johnston, a widow.  Abe's new step mother had three of her own children and brought them with her to the Lincolns' cabin.   Four arrival of the cabin ended the long months of  loneliness that had followed the death of Abe's mother.

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Abe's Education

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