The Brothers Four

"Playing the Music of America"

World-wide concert tours, million-selling records, network television appearances, performances at the White House -- all of these things were beyond the wildest dreams of four University of Washington fraternity brothers back in the late 1950'. But within a short time, The Brothers Four had put away the books to set out upon a career which would bring the joy of their music to millions of people around the world. Since 1960 The Brothers Four have played thousands of college concerts, sung for four different U.S. Presidents at the White House, appeared at countless Community Concerts, performed with symphony orchestras and jazz stars and toured dozens of foreign countries as America's 'Musical Ambassadors to the World.' 

The music of The Brothers Four is the music of America. Their songs and stories have their roots in the vast library of America's folk heritage. The group was a pioneer in the music movement which came to be known as the 'folk revival,' and of the few groups from those days still performing today, they remain one of the 
best known and most popular. Their all-acoustic presentation consists of guitars, banjo, mandolin, upright bass, and of course the trademark rich blend of their four voices. 

Whether it be a faithful adaptation of an Appalachian folk ballad or an original work from one of today' singer-songwriters, their presentation is always smooth, professional, and instantly identifiable. The Brothers Four are the timeless music of our land, and have exported it worldwide. They continue to be a top concert 
draw in Japan, and in 1996 completed a huge and successful tour in China.        

Album or CD

Songs included

The Tokyo Tapes

San Francisco Bay Blues
Railroad Medley
The Green Leaves of Summer
Bluegrass Medley
Toku E Ikitai
Early Morning Rain
Scarlet Ribbons
500 Miles
Whiskey In The Jar
Seven Daffodils
Winds of Green
Man of La Mancha Medley

American Medley
Gypsy Rover
Calypso Medley
Ano Subarishii O Moichido
Heart of the Heartland
Where Have All the Flowers... 
The Big Blue Ball
Try To Remember
Old Time Banjo Medley
Greenfields (Haru Ga Kita)
Michael, Row the Boat Ashore


Gold Disc

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
500 Miles

Try To Remember
Seven Daffodils

Mini Albums 




Live 8 Concerts Rock
The World


Luciano Pavarotti


Michael Jackson


The Beatles


The Monterey
Jazz Festival

Edward Kennedy
"Duke" Ellington



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