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Black minority (少数民族) is in many countries. Black Americans traveled a long hard road to obtain (获得)their civil rights. 

Dr Martin Luther King served as leader during the march of the civil rights movement. He believed in the nonviolent protest as a means to achieve recognition and rights for all black Americans. Despite the peaceful tactics
(策略), demonstrators (示威者) often bore the brunt (冲击) and brutal (残忍的, 兽性的) confrontation (对峙,对抗)

In Aug. 1963, more than 200,000 marchers, both black and white took their case to the nation’s capital. Over the next two years, Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act (法案, 法令) and the Voting Rights Act, reaffirming (重申, 再肯定) the rights of black citizens. 

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The Comments

"The March on Washington took place because the Negro allies (结盟)... The March was not a Negro action. It was an action Negroes and whites together. Not just the leaders of the Negro organization, but leading Catholic (天主教徒), Protestant (新教徒), and Jewish spokesmen called the people into the street. And Catholics, Protestants, and Jews, white and black, responded (响应)."   
 -Bayan Rustin- 

"They say colored people didn't stick together. Well, when they do, they can move mountains.I came from Gadsden, Ala., because I wanted to see a mountain moved."

After the White House meeting following the March, President Kennedy announced, "We  have  witnessed (目击) today in Washington tens of thousands of Americans- both Negro and white- exercising their right to assemble (集合) peaceably and direct the widest attention possible to a great national issue (问题)... 

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