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The first people of Australia --- Aborigines (1)                                     (2)  (3)

          Aboriginal  Dreamtime 

Once upon a time, there were no computers---like the one you're  using
  now---no books, no pens no paper. There was no way to hold   on to
  history except by remembering it. There was no way  history down, except by telling it, over and over. The Aboriginal people  of Australia began doing that thirty thousand years ago, 
when they first  came to Australia from Asia.
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An aboriginal man of South Australia wears a cap of plaited (
打成辫的) straw (稻草)and carries a decorated (装饰了的) woomera, a stick used to cradle (支撑,摇)a spear ()and give added leverage(杠杆作用)in throwing it.

An aboriginal family is at home in South Australia; the woman is spinning ()wool.

Aborigines work in a lumber (木材)forest on Melville Island off the coast near Darwin.

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