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Question 1: What was Gandhi's aim throughout his life?

  A. He worked for the independence and unity of India.
  B. He tried his best to free Hindu slaves.
  C. He fought against the war between Hindus and
Question 2: Gandhi fought for his aim ______.
  A. in a way of fasting and praying.
  B. in a way of spinning and weaving his own cloth.
  C. in several ways including the above.
Question 3: When did Gandhi stop his last fasting?
  A. When Hindu and Moslem leaders promised to stop
  B. When Hindu and Moslem leaders promised to stop
            fighting against each other.
  C. When Hindu and Moslem leaders promised to stop
Question 4: Who assassinated Gandhi?
  A. An Englishman.
  B. A Moslem peasant.
  C. A Hindu.
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Gandhi Reads Papers in Front of His Spinning Wheel

Gandhiji at the spinning wheel. The spinning wheel became a symbol of economic emancipation(释放,解放) for the impoverished(贫困)millions.



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