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     Winds of Change is a short animated film (动画影片) which shows a vision of what the North Sea could look like in the year 2010 if Northern Europe used giant (庞大的) wind farm to provide clean electricity. This is particularly relevant (有关的) as Greenpeace is undertaking (采取, 承担) a major tour of countries bordering (接连) the North Sea aimed at persuading these governments to adopt (采用) wind energy as a viable (可行的) and safe alternative (抉择) to dirty fossil fuel (化石燃料) technology.


This coal fire station can finally been (1) because with all that clean electricity from new off-shore wind park we don't need (2) any more.

I'm on the board of the new greenpeace ship.  We are on the coast to the brand-new (崭新的) wind park of the mill sea. The first three hundred wind mills will start  (3) today.
At this location there was previously (以前) an oil drilling platform.  A diver is going  down to check if there is
(4) at the sea bottom.  That seems to
be disappointing.  The oil industry has still to do a lot of
(5) here.  The platform has been dismantled (
拆除), but not all the pipe lines have been removed.

What you see now is the beginning, a tenth of a much bigger wind park to be completed (6). Then the park will have capacity (容量, 能力) of 10 thousand mega-watts (百万瓦).  Now there are already some 300 mills of three mega-watts each. 

This first one thousand mega-watts provides sufficient (足够的) electricity for half million households (家庭).  These wind mills will not (7) by calms.  Here is the North Sea.  The average number  of  (8) is only five days a year. 

Currently (现在, 当前), the world is spending tens of billions of US dollars of tax fare of money a year on substitutes (替代品) in support of unclear power and fossil fuels(化石燃料)
(9)to the environment is the result. 

It's (10) that we started investing (投资) all those billions in renewable energy resources.  So wind energy.


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