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Solution   Revolution    Recycling Aluminum Cans  

Many waste (1) are recyclable, (2) aluminum (
) cans and paper. These materials must be processed (处理) before they can be reused as raw materials (原料) for  (3).
The processing of aluminum cans begins at a
(4) where clean and dry aluminum cans are either compacted (压实) into bale (大包) or shredded (切碎) into popcorn (爆米花) size pieces of  (5) that blow into a trailer (拖车) . The aluminum is then shipped to processing  (6) 

 There the bale or shredded cans  (7) in a industrial furnace (熔炉). The furnace (8) any labels (商标) or inside coating on the cans. 

The molten (熔化) aluminum is cast into blocks (9) ingots () and while still hot rolled into  (10)
for new cans. Aluminum cans can be endlessly remelted and reused.


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