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Solution   Revolution    Recycling Waste Paper  

The process of recycling paper begins in a huge bag called hydro copper, which  (1), much the same way as kitchen blender (搅拌机). The hydro copper has blade
刀刃), agitates (
搅动) the mixture of  (2) and 
(3) , splitting (
分离) the paper's tightly woven (编织) woody fibers (纤维) literally? to a pulp(纸浆).
Detergent (
清洁剂) may be (4) the pulp to desorb (吸收) any printing ink. Water then flushes (冲洗) ink away. The pulp next  (5) huge screens (筛子) that quit  (清除) of  (6) such as stabs (针,刺), paper clips (回形针), or dirt.

At this point the recycle pulp can be process much like paper’s original wood pulp. The wet pulp is usually spread onto a large flat (平的) screen (筛子,隔板).   The screen (7) some of the water to drain (流干)away so that the fibers begin to  (8) a mat (席子)

The mat is pressed (压,挤) and dried as it (9), on a conveyor belt (传送带) between a series of rollers and heating cylinder (圆筒). The (10) is then wound into large rolls.                           

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