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Part II          Tape script:                                      


Buying The Records

A:   Good afternoon.
B:   Good afternoon.  Have you got any records of modern guitar music?
A:   We've got a lot of them.  Which ones are you looking for?
B:   I'm looking for some records of Julian Bream.  I saw them in your window last week but there are 
      different  records in the window today.
A:   Excuse me, aren't you American?
B:   No, I'm Canadian.  My father gave me the same records in Canada, but I broke them.
A:   What happened?
B:   They were in my suitcase.  I sat on my case and broke the records.  My cousin told me about your shop. 
       I came here last week and saw the records.
A:   Let's look for the records.  I put some new records in the window yesterday.  I took the Bream records
      out and I put them on that shelf.  Yes, the records are there on the shelf.
B:   How much are those three?
A:   They're four pounds fifty pence.

Ex. I

1. What kind of record is the girl looking for?
2. Where did she see the records last week?
3. Who gave her the same records in Canada?
4. What happened to the records?
5. Where are the records the girl is looking for?
6. How many records does the girl want?
7. How much does she pay for the records?

Key  (see tape script)


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