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Buying A Recorder

Maria goes to buy a cassette recorder.  The shop assistant shows her two machines, a Toyo and a Smith.

M:   Which is better do you think?  The Toyo or the Smith?
A:   Well, the Toyo is a little bit cheaper but the Smith's a bit bigger.
M:   Which one sounds better?
A:   The Toyo's got a sharper tone than the Smith.
M:   I think I prefer one with a smoother tone.
A:   The Smith's louder, of course, if you want a loud machine.
M:   Yes, I might want something  louder for certain kinds of music.
A:   The Smith's certainly got a bigger speaker.
M:   Which is easier to carry?
A:   The Smith's a bit heavier than the Toyo.  Then again the Toyo is handier in some ways.
       You can take the lid off.
M:   Oh, dear.  One is bigger, the other is cheaper; one's louder, the other's smaller and
       something else.  I'm getting more and more confused.
A:   Which one do you prefer the look of?
M:   Well, the Toyo's got a nicer shape.  But I like the color of the Smith better.  No.  It's hopeless.  I just
       have to leave it for the moment, if you don't mind.
A:   Not at all, Miss.  It's better to be sure than sorry.  Wait till you are more certain.

Ex.     Key

      Toyo --- cheaper,  a sharper tone,  handier,  a nicer shape
      Smith --- bigger,  a smoother tone,  louder,  a bigger speaker,  heavier,  a better color

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